Oceanside Beach

Brooklynn Loved the beach until the waves knocked her down. She ran like the wind everytime a wave would come. She was successful at finding shells and sand dollars. I loved watching her giggle and rn. We had to brib the girls to get out of the sand. They loved the ocean so much.

Abbey found so many sand dollars. She wandered the beach  for so long. We could’ve spend our whole day at the Oceanside beach. This girl has an amazing eye. she can spot anything from a mile away. I loved seeing her excited. This was such a highlight of our trip. Smiles , laughter and wet clothes!

San Diego Safari Park

The girls went on a Safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This was my favorite place. They really enjoyed the wild animals. They got to feed the Lorikeets. See animal in the African and Asian lands. This was my favorite place on our vacation. I loved to see that animals roaming in their natural habitat. They looked through binoculars and saw many great things about the wild.

One of the inside jokes from the trip was that Tylers nickname was the 3 Lemurs. Well here are our 3 Lemurs.What are fun day.

The girls were such troopers. They walked like 3 miles that day. The Tiger even sprayed the glass where they were.

Abbey is 8

I just have cherished every moment of these last 16 days with my family. I love my little girls more and more everyday. This weekend was a very special time for our family. We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our life. Abbey and Brooklynn are so blessed with Grandparents that  are loving, kind and supportive. They have been blessed with Uncles that love and play with them. Aunts that they waited so long for. Cousins that they love and play with.  My heart melted at the love they have for each other. Brooklynn Stole a kiss from Abbey on Saturday afternoon. She was so proud of her sister for being baptized. She a great role model she has.

What a beautiful weekend it has been. So thankful for a wonderful family. It was so nice to have everyone together. My children are so blessed. They have such amazing friends, teachers and family. Tonight, before bed Abbey an I read through the many wonderful thought of the loved ones who shared in her special day. What an amazing support she has. She was so inspired by the love that she has around her. She read through the thoughts 2 or 3 times. Then, counted all the people who wrote her notes. She loves each of you that came to supportt her. Thank you for Loving my daughter. She is who she is today because of your influence.For that I thank you!

Grand ma& grandpa lynn


Today the girls and I went up to visit grandma and grandpa lynn. Abbey loves going up to visit.  She picked eggs from the chickens. We gathered apricots now I am going to be very busy.
Thanks for all the goodies!



Wow, where has the time gone? My baby is almost 3 months old. She is a super good baby. She is 11 lbs. 23.5 in. And healthy.
Abbey is a good sister. She loves baby buckey so much.

Glitter toes


Abbey getting glitter toes! She was so excited!






Well it is finally over! For several months Abbey has has several swollen lymph nodes in her neck. We watched them for a couple months, then the pediatrician sent us to an ENT downtown.
Dr.child put her on an antibiotic and had us come back in 3 weeks.
When 3 weeks were up, he nodes were larger and there were more on other side of her neck. Well he scheduled surgery on the 21st of May.
On the 20th we toured the hospital. It was wonderful. She loved it. Explained what was going to happen and toured each area of the hospital.
On Friday morning she was a trooper, she dressed in her tutu and went to the hospital that way. Super excited until they made her change into boy pjs. Okay they were just blue, was happy other than that. Surgery was fast. She took over an hour to wake up in recovery. I guess shewa super tired.
She got her slurpee when she woke up and was ready to go.
Dr said everything went well. We would get result the following week.

Here are some pictures. I am so glad we have grandparents that love our kids! Thanks to grandma cindy ,grandpa mont and uncle grant for drivingup to show her they love her. Grandma judy for babysitting and being her to take care of baby brooklynn during the surgery.
We love you guys !.
Results came back good asnd clean. It is just a pesky lymph node the did not shrink after being enlarged. 😉
Thank you heavenly father for the love and support. The prayers that were answered and testimonies strengthened .




Well here we are in June. Summer is here and I am enjoying the time I get to spend with the girls. I have been off work for one week now.
For Memorial Day we headed south to the WOOD Ranch. The cattle drive was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Abbey was dying to ride her horse. Well it is actually grandpa Monts horse. She is convinced it is hers. She rode for several hours on Duke! I rode all day saturday . Tyler put 80 miles on the 4 wheeler. 🙂 he had a great time exploring.
We camped 3 nights and the girls did great. Brooklynn is a trooper. We have really enjoyed having her in our family. She is a treat.
Abbey played with cousins, drove 4 wheelers, smashed pennies, rode horses and went swimming in the hot tub, she thought that life was grand. She wants to be a cowgirl! I think she is a sweetheart who loves to do anything and everything she puts her mind too.
We went to Rexburg this past weekend. Tyler went camping with the boys and his dad for father and sons camp out. I was able to see a few friends. We ate at Big Juds ! Tyler was thrilled. The girls and I spent Friday night with grandma and enjoying the quiet house.
We hung out and had a good time. We are working on getting the rexburg house ready to be sold. Things are falling into place. Now the decision is where are we going to live? Am I going to work part-time? What are we to do next?

She’s here!

Brooklynn Shay Steiner

7lbs 7 oz 19 inches long

March 25th, 2010 3:45pm

arriving at hospital 730 am!

going home

Getting close!

Well things are winding down and I am ready for this little girl to join our family. Abbey is always thinking of her little sister. Mom when is she coming? Mom I want to hold my baby! Mom please tell me and dad when she comes so we can hide. ( she thinks that baby Brooklynn is going to explode out of my stomach and get her dirty.) I sure hope that is not how it works. Ha Ha.

Well I am still working. Parent/Teacher confereces were the first week in March, Phew I am glad I got that out of the way. I am really looking forward to having sometime off, and to recover. I feel like the pregnancy as lasted along time. I know Tyler is ready also.  We are all really looking forward to holding this little princess.

Well I will post some pregnant pictures soon.