February 25th, 2007 ... MAIN BLOG MOVED!! GO HERE! http://extreme.teamslack.net/php/

September 20 ... More blog updates. Linux and CPU updates soon. As i will have a project to do ;)

July 12-05 .... Updated the Blog once again. This page is still alive, i just have been neglaecting it. :s

Dec 21-04 .... Updated the car section, it now has the right car :) I also put some more pics in the blog...

Dec 20-04 .... Some more blog updates and CPU updates.

Dec. 03-04    Ok, i brought my camera in today, so i will be able to post pics of the water cooling setup, and some of my house.

Dec. 02-04    Well, i didn't get time to get my pictures off my camera, so i will only have partial items up in the CPU section, only a few pics and a little on how it was built. The Car section is partially up, i only got my main car, no project car pictures yet....soon ;)

Dec. 01-04     Ok, so i finally got a real page up (soon), its not all wokring at the moment, but it will be up more and more as time goes on.

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