iPhone vs. Motorola Droid 
Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 01:52 PM - Technology

iPhone vs. Motorola Droid

For the past year i have had the opportunity to use an iPhone for work. The iphone 3G was heads and tails above the windows mobile Motorola Q that i currently had. I used it in its full glory. The phone was pushed to the limits. This cannot be done on a stock iPhone however, it needs to be jailbroken. So in my comparison i will have 2 iphone categories, stock and jailbroken.

One week ago my dear wife flushed her enV2 down the toilet and killed her phone. We picked up a pair of Motorola Droids in the buy one get one free deal. So we both got one. So far i have loved my droid, even coming from an iphone. Now, as with the iphone, the droid can be unlocked as well. Rooting is the term used in the droid sense. Some features are only available on a rooter droid, and i will mark them as such.

A note about rooting/jailbreaking. Both are easy to do. Both need to have an eye on them when new updates come out, as it could break the mod.

This is by far a comprehensive list, this is only a list of things i have come across thus far, and i will try to update this list as i come across them. Some things i will put pros and cons, others i will just pick one that is better ;)


iPhone - (100K+) TONS, any app you can think of. In a nice little app store.
+ ease of app store
+ tied to your itunes account
- restricted to what apple thinks you shold have
- no apps outside the app store
+ ANY app, not just approved apps
+ works with all non-jailbroken apps
- can be slow
- buggy

Droid - (30K +) Lots of apps, but not the same apps
+ Marketplace is fast
+ Open, no filtering of content.
+ tied to your google account
- comparable apps can cost money vs free on iphone
- less apps to choose from
+ vendor specific apps, i.e.: t-mobile app on a verizon phone.


Not a phone specific quality, but a carrier...
Droid (Verizon) and iPone (ATT)
Droid > iPhone

The iPhone has selected areas where 3g is available, whereas the verizon network is the exact opposite. It has select areas where the ISN'T 3g. Droid wins.

Call Quality:

when the phone has a decent signal, i have been satisfied with both. Neither stood out.


iPhone 3G (sorry, i don't have a 3GS to try) vs Droid
Droid > iPhone. The iphone seemed very nice when i got it, but its bogged down now. Some apps take a long time to initialize and start, some. Some apps are smooth and load well. Some apps like Cydia take forever to load. The Moto Droid is very snappy, i pop in and out of apps almost as fast as i can click them. The one app that both phones use is the camera app. The droid loaded this faster.

Droid is much faster than the 3G, again, not the 3GS.


I took two photos, one with each phone. I won't say which is which, so that you can formulate your own opinion on photo quality. Click the picture to see which is which.
I personally think the droid is less grainy. This is a tough one, as the focus point isn't the same on both. I will try to make a new shot later.

Video Recording:

-no built in video recording
iPhone (jailbreak):
+cycoder will shoot decent video, depending on the light. Link.

+ Built in 720x480 video, light dependent. Link.
- can make large videos


- None
iPhone (jailbreak)
- multitasking of sort, phone gets hot and battery drains quickly.

+ multitasks very well
+ snaps between apps without losing place in an app

Quick Picks:

+ feels nice in your hand,
+ lots of apps
+ tether (jailbreak)
+ mms
+ indoor GPS
- touch keyboard is nice
- push notifications can't be put aside for later
- can be slow
- locked down by apple
- no themes (jailbreak only)
- no multitasking

+ notification bar.
+ speed
+ themes
+ mms
+ "share" feature on media
+ tether (rooted)
+ custom roms (rooted)
+ Physical keyboard
+ multitasking
+ outdoor GPS
- Visual voicemail costs money
- heat sensor needs some tweaking
- touch keyboard needs tweeking, 3rd party app
- Indoor GPS

Not covered (yet):
- exchange
- calendars
- Security
- audio player

http://androinica.com/2010/03/16/androi ... id+Blog%29

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New Phone, Moto Q9m 
Thursday, October 11, 2007, 11:18 PM - Technology
So i saved my pennies and got me a replacement for my vx5200 cell phone. Its a moto q9m. So far i have been pleased with it. I have e-mail, mp3's, videos, google maps, internet, and office on it.

I need to get a smaller headphone adapter so i can plug headphones in, but when i m by myself, the built in speakers sound really nice.

I have noticed a little slowdown sometimes, but its not too bad.

I mostly use it to check my work assignments.

The verizon people couldn't figure out how to hook my old phone up, so i had to use bitpim and pull the names out of my old phone and then use The Missing Sync on my Mac to put them on my Q. (Active sync required outlook, ahahaha! riiiiiight!) Missing sync worked wonderfully.

After my data plan runs out i will be getting the wireless card for my phone, yay, free wifi!

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PS3 investment has arrived. 
Sunday, November 26, 2006, 12:07 PM - Technology
After many bruises to my wife, our PS3 has arrived. My wife fought at wal-mart when they announced the secret location of the PS3's, she got 5th in line when they were giving away 4 of them. She got the first raincheck for the 60Gb version. (this actually worked better, since we got a 60gb, and didn't have to pay for 2 weeks)

They called while we were out of town and said we have 24 hours to come pick it up. We came home early from vacation and picked it up.

She had 6 people ask her how she got it before she even paid for it (at the electronics counter) so they put it in a plain box to take it outside.

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Super Duper Deal.... (heh, if only i would get it...) 
Monday, August 14, 2006, 10:21 AM - Technology
Last night on digg.com, they had some 200 gig external hard drives for .58 cents. I went to the site and they were listed as .34 cents. So being as cheap as i am, i ordered one.

Reading on digg, people ordered as many as 100 of these things! i would be thrilled if i got my 1, let alone 100 of them.

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Nintendo DS!! 
Saturday, June 17, 2006, 04:06 PM - Technology
Wifey gave me a Nintedo DS for fathers day (i knew having a kid would come in handy!)
Its white (duh), and i got Brain Age and The New Super Mario Bros.

I think she plays it more than me though....

I will post pics when i remember to.

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