Happy Birthday to me! 
Friday, February 27, 2009, 12:20 PM - Family
For my birthday i held a BBQ. My family, or what part of my family that was in town and that could come, came over and i made Rib Eyes for all of them. I got a few gift cards, some shirts, and a new desk chair from the wifey. Its super nice. I spend a lot of time in it with my current job, so its a nice addition to my new office.

Thanks wifey!

new chair and old chair.

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Oh craigslist! 
Thursday, February 26, 2009, 04:24 AM - Family
Since our move to the city, i have discovered things that just wern't possible in my little Idaho town. I have discovered craigslist. Not that i didnt know what it was, but up in Idaho hardly anyone used it. Well, since i noticed people actually put up things that are screaming deals, i have been keeping a close eye on it.

While at work i saw someone offering some free wii games and guitar hero controllers. I e-mail him, and after a back and forth of about 15 e-mails he said that i could have 3 wii games and the 2 guitars for FREE! Ya, all i had to do was come pick them up. He said that his friends didnt like playing it anymore because they got rock band.

I got: Super smash brothers, Guitar Hero 3, and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

On my way out, i had all these crazy thoughts about someone luring me out to kill me or rob me or something. All was fine. Hey man, THANKS!

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New house. 
Thursday, February 19, 2009, 08:40 PM - Family
This is our new 4 bed, 3 bath house in Sandy, Utah. Oh i love having my own place again. Now if only i can get everything put in a place and make it nice and neat...

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Thursday, October 23, 2008, 11:10 PM - Family
The bag of crap on this woot-off eluded me once again. I had the order screen pulled up for like 5 minutes, but the server kept timing out. Later in the night however i chose to buy a pair of screaming monkeys! I got a purple and an orange one. I may give them to my daughter later.

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DIY tattoo kit!! 
Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 11:28 PM - Rants
Heh, on a shopping trip to TJMax (for my wife, i would never go there without her) i was wondering around with abbey trying to find something to entertain both of us. The toy section looked inviting. While i was trying to Abbey from opening too many toys, i saw something that caught my attention, a tattoo kit!

I was like, WTF! So i took a picture. Honestly, who buys this crap for their kids? Are they going to come out with DIY piercing kits next? "Hey kids! Now you can piece your butt for fun!" YAY!!

If any of you would like to purchase this fine item, give me a call and i will run over and buy it for you, because i'm sure its still sitting there.

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Lame BYUI Faculty..... 
Friday, August 22, 2008, 01:40 AM - School
My lame Department Chair, Professor, Instructor, Acquaintance , Person getting paid to do nothing has yet to give me a grade for my senior project.

Granted i am not alone in this matter... another student does not have a grade yet either. He is special though. Because our faculty member messed up the internship, he started it late, so he has to finish before a grade can be given. UNDERSTANDABLE. Whats my deal? I'm not special... well, i am in another way. I'm 1 of 3 students who doesn't have a diploma because of slacking faculty. I am special!

I want to say thanks to all but one member of the CIT department at BYUI. Thanks for being prompt and fair with all my other classes/grades (i could argue about one instance... but i'll let it go). You were all good to me.

**update - My incident was upgraded to President Clark. Yes, that's right, to the top! He is known to get things done. I am happy to hear that someone is doing something.

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Defcon 16 
Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 09:26 PM - Hacks
Defcon 16 this year was good stuff. Me an Thurm drove down on wednesdat night so we could get our tickets early. We met up with Jake and Bryce and stayed at a Holiday Inn, which had very nice beds.

The second night we were there, we ate out at ??? and they had some sour cream chicken, sooo nice. I will put the name of place in when i remember it, i paid cash, so i cant go back and look.

A couple of my fav talks:

1. BackTrack Foo- From bug to 0day
2. Shifting the Focus of WiFi Security: Beyond Cracking your neighbor's WEP key.

The back of the badge has a 2-D barcode, which i figured to say: https://defcon.org/OO0/ . It also has a SD card slot, USB connector solder points, and a dip switch solder point. I got a usb connector, but i dissapeared on the way home :(
The badge:

A crowd Shot:

** My badge either appears to be toast, or my battery is dead. I went to show someone and it wouldn't turn on. Turns out the battery was in backwards?? So, when i find a new battery i test it out.

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